How To Become A Google Power User


Google is the most powerful search engine around the world. It is most popular and powerful searching site. It makes easy to surf on the internet and help to find a user to specific web sites. From recent data shows an average number of Google search user per second is 2.3 million. Annually total Google search user is over 2 trillion.

Google has stored a large amount of information. About 130 trillion web pages that indexing on Google. When a web page is indexing on Google, all the entire word of web pages are added to the Google database at the same time.

Google has a powerful search algorithm that helps to user to find a desired website or information based on user queries. It also shows auto suggestion when you typing something on the search bar. That help to take more close to finding specific information or website.

Different users find different types of information in Google. Google finds out all the answered upon the user query. You can get any information from google but you want to find more specific information on the google. Some highly specific information that you would like to find on the search, it might be:

  • An exact sentence or a particular word.
  • Search a site or something within a site.
  • Find similar or related word.
  • Forget the word and find it on google.
  • Different types of files.
  • Dictionary
  • Calendar
  • Time and Date
  • Weather and more.

There are so many interesting tricks to find Google, which will help you to easily get your specific and accurate results. The more you can use Google tricks, the more you can enjoy the surfing of Google and become a Google power user.

How To Become A Google Power User

the following infographic from WhoIsHosting? that elaborate the interesting tips and tricks to using Google search to get the most accurate and specific results.



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