How to check your computer’s​ specifications on Windows 10


You have a computer or got a new computer but don’t know what specifications use inside your computer. So you would like to check your computer specifications.

In general, people don’t headache about their computer hardware specifications when they use it. Until they have to face any hardware problem or need to change or upgrade hardware specifications.

Computer hardware specification basically means a combination of Processor (CPU), Motherboard, Memory (RAM), Graphics (GPU), Storage, Cooling system. There also other components such as CD-Rom, Modem, Display, Sound device, USB, etc. are related to the hardware specification.

How to check your computer’s specifications on Windows 10

So the following discussion I show 4 methods that would help to find out your computer hardware specification information.

Basic Specification Information

It’s an easy way to find out your computer hardware information. You can find out information of CPU, RAM, OS version and others.

  • Go to setting.
  • Click on System.


  • Scroll Down then click on About.



There also another way that you find out same hardware information.

  • Right click on This PC from the desktop.
  • Select Properties.


System Information

System information program is the most popular classic way to find out your computer hardware specification information. You can find your computer detail hardware information by this program. It’s the best way to see your each and every component which inside your PC.

  • Open the Run. Start-Windows System-Run.

check_your_computers​_specifications_Windows-10_06 check_your_computers​_specifications_Windows-10_05

  • Type msinfo32 then hit enter.


Here the Details of System information for the computer specification.


Another easy way that you find out this information on Windows 10.

  • Type msinfo32 on search panel and then hit enter.


DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX diagnostic tool can help to find out your computer hardware specifications information. It displays a  good information about your computer system, display, Sound and other input components.

  • Open the Run.
  • Type dxdiag and hit enter.


Here the details of DirectX diagnostic:


Another easy way that you find out this DirectX Diagnostic Tool on Windows 10.

  • Type dxdiag on search panel and then hit enter.

Using Command  Prompt

You can also find out your computer specifications information by using a command prompt.

  • Open the Run.
  • Type cmd and hit enter.


  • Once command prompt open type systeminfo.




That is all and would help you to check your computer’s specifications on Windows 10.

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