How to Check Your Computer Can Run PC Games



Playing video games on a personal computer (PC) is most fun. PC is one of the most popular gaming platforms to play games beside/rather than others gaming consoles. A large amount games are developed for PC gaming platform.

Playing games on a computer, you must need a gaming computer or gaming PC. A gaming computer differs from a typical computer that a gaming computer has a dedicated graphic card rather than built-in motherboard GPU. There is another fact for the gaming computer is a decent quality of CPU, RAM, Motherboard, and Cooling system.

If you are a PC gamer that you have to use NVidia or AMD GPU card for your PC gaming, Where built-in onboard GPU is not ideal for video gaming.

Games have come to every year with a new version and upgrade graphic. So you need to change or upgrade your graphic card for fulfilling your games requirement. Buying a good graphic card that will support to several years for gaming and you don’t need to change or upgrade graphic card every year.

Perfect delivery for video gaming you need to the good combination of hardware such as CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM etc. to your computer.  Though the graphic card is the big fact for PC gaming.

How to Check Your Computer Can Run PC Games

A lot of games are released in every year on PC. But you don’t know how these games are performed to your PC. Before buying you want to know that how it will be perfect run for your PC. Otherwise, it worsts for buying a game. Here the following suggestion that would help to check your computer that can run PC games.

Step 01:

Go to the website.

Step 02:

Type your desired game name on the “Search for a game” bar. Then hit on the “Can You Run It” button.


Step 03:

Next, a popup suggestion appears for Computer hardware detection on top left corner. Select to the Desktop App then clicks Start button. The software starts downloading.


Step 04:

Once download completed run the software. You see the software make a hardware detection.


When hardware detection completed a message shows All Done and you need to wait for a second to reloading browser.


Step 05:

Now browser or site can detect your PC information and scan your computer that can run PC games. Here you see a result like following.



That is all and help you to check your computer requirement that that can run PC games.

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