How to create a perfect password


A password is a key to your vault in the digital world. You vault is full of secret information, money and more. Isn’t it? whatever it is hackers always try to hack your password. Most of the people give their password is “123456” or use a common word like Football, Baseball etc. even use their name. All this password being hacked within a second. The hackers can easily break a 6-7 length password within a second.

In recent data shows, billions of accounts from popular sites and services, including Google, LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace, Yahoo!, were hacked and sale on the Internet.

Moreover, another recent news, more than 1 Million Gmail and Yahoo user account have been hacked and being a sale on the black marketplace on the internet.

According to recent news, 600000 the number of hackers that log into Facebook account every day and trying to steal and violation user’s personal securities.

Up to $1 Billions the amount hackers steal from small and medium size banks in Europe and the U.S. every year.

Keep secure your password is important otherwise it being hacked and lose your information. Create a password very wisely with complicated word and a long length.

More using complicated and long length word is more secure to being hacked.

How to create a perfect password

Following discuss I suggest some idea that helps to create a perfect password and secure your account.


  1. Not use Short password length:

Most of the people have a common mistake that they use short length password. 6-7 length password recognized as a weak password. Password length 8 or more is medium and 13 or more is recognized the strong password. Expert suggest that use password length minimum 13 characters.

  1. Use Upper and Lower case letters, number and symbols:

A password gets more strength when you use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. For example B!ue&gr33n&R3d.

  1. Not use the common or complete word:

Another mistake most people do that they use a common or complete word for the password. Use your name, your pet’s name, your birthday, Hobby, sports, Books and more is recognized as a weak password. Moreover, use incorporate dictionary word or complete word that received an as weak password.

  1. Do not repeat previously used password:

Use repeat or previously used password is a stupid idea. Do not make mistake with using the previously used password. Hackers can easily find it out.

  1. Use two-step verification password:

Your password is more strongest password with using two-step verification method and its harder to being hacked. This function works to generate a code number that’s sent to your phone or email address which code allow to enter your account. Most of the popular services are the support to Two-step verification method. Here’s a list of sites that support Two-step Verification.

  1. Use a password manager:

To remember password is boring. It’s more difficult to remember when you use multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Password manager tool helps to store your password according to various account on sites under a master password. Thus you can easily remember or put your password and access your account anytime. Some Password manager support browser add-on option. This option helps to save your password on new account and autofill when you open the existing account. Here I suggest top three Password manager tools.

  • LastPass: Best free password managers. Premium version $1 per month.
  • PasswordBox: Free up to 15 Password. Premium $19.99 per year.
  • 1Password: Price: $2.99 per month.
  1. Avoid auto save password on Browser:

When you enter a password some of your accounts on computer browser you notify a pop-up message that informs you to save your password in the browser. Ignore that Autosave password popup on the browser when you use at cybercafé, friends computer or other public computers.


  1. Unchecked Remember Me:

There is an option “remember me” that help to contain your password and easily enter your account. Thus anyone can access to your account and violation your data easily in order to your absent or your device is stolen. This hampers your account security so just uncheck the “remember me” option when type your password.

  1. Leave with Log-off:

Another task you should do for security reason always leave your account using the sign out of log out option. If you close your account on the browser or other apps without using Logout anyone can access your account when they open the browser or apps. Leave without using logoff, the browser keeps your account and password and it remains unchanged when you open browser.


That is all and hope to follow the above suggestion would help to create a perfect password. Many of sites are now not allowed password when you are not using a combination of uppercase lowercase letters and number. They want to your password more secure. Thus create your password wisely.

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