How to Add Desktop Icon on Windows 10 PC


How to add a desktop icon on windows PC after installing Windows 10? Once new windows are open you will see only the Recycle Bin on your desktop can be seen. Other essential icons such as This PC, Network, Control panel, User’s Files etc. can not be seen. These need to add on a desktop to your own.


How to Add Desktop Icon on Windows 10

You can perform these tasks very easily. How to do these I have mentioned step by step below.

Step 01:

Open the Setting window then click on the Personalization.


Step 02:

Once open the Personalization window click on the Themes on the left side.


Step 03:

When you click the Themes then the right side some settings link appear. Click on the Desktop Icon Settings.


Step 04:

Now Desktop Icon Settings window is open. You see some Check box options shows under desktop icons. By default only Recycle bin icon has checked. You could check other options which you would like to show your desktop.


Here I Check the Computer and Users files icon options. Then click the ok button.


Now the task is complete. you can easily access the local drive, user files etc. through the desktop.


That is all and hope you can show your essential icon on the desktop.

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