How to Download YouTube Videos


YouTube is the world’s biggest video storehouse. Watch any of your favorite videos on this site. You can make a video playlist or save videos to offline in YouTube site. That favorite videos will be able to watch later or offline mode. But You want to download your favorite videos from YouTube and that stored your computer hard disk to future watching videos anytime would you like. You don’t need to any tension about your internet connection.

There are lots of downloader site, software and other download option are available that you can find for YouTube videos download.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Following discuss I show some best, popular and easy to use web apps and software for decent quality YouTube videos download.

  1. is the web-based YouTube video downloader. It’s very simple and downloads 720p HD videos from YouTube. Its provide free and premium version. The free version is enough to download decent quality videos from YouTube.

    How to Download YouTube Videos with

    Step 01:

    • Enter the  YouTube video page which would you like to download. In the address bar you see a link. Just delete ube From YouTube Link address and hit enter.


    • Now you enter to the page. Your video download option is showing. Select MP4(Video) tab and click to the Record MP4.


    Step 02:  

    • Go to the pages.
    • Just copy YouTube video link address and Paste to


  2. is another web based YouTube video downloader site. It has very good option to download YouTube videos. you can select different video quality option such as 480p, 720p, 1024p, etc. to download.

    How to Download Videos with

    Step 01:

    • In YouTube address bar type ss before the URL and hit enter.


    • Now you enter the download page. Select the video options which quality would you prefer and then click the Download button.



    Step 02:

    • Open page.
    • Copy youtube video URL and paste to the Just insert a link box and then hit enter.


  3. is also a web based youtube video downloader. It’s good, simple and downloads decent quality video from youtube. You can choose the various video quality option to download youtube videos.

    How to Download YouTube Videos with

    Step 1:

    Open to the

    Step 2:

    Copy to the youtube video link and paste the link in the input field on the top of the page. Click the Download button on the right side.


    Step 3:

    Now select the resolutions and format to download the video. If you want to see more video resolutions just click on More resolutions at the bottom side.




    Want to strat a download click on any of resolution or right click on any resolution and selete the Save link as.


  4. is a good YouTube videos downloader site. It also can mp3 converter from YouTube videos. It’s very simple to use and also can download very decent quality videos. You can choose video resolution between standard quality(360p, 480p) to high quality (HD, 4k). It’s free, easy to download and store them in your any device for future watching. It supports MP4, 3GP, M4A video format to download YouTube videos.

    How to Download Videos with

    Step 01:

    Go to the address from any browser.


    Step 02:

    Copy to the YouTube video link address and paste it in the box. Then automatic an option link appear. Click the Download Video link.


    Step 03:

    On next page, there are a lot of option appear for video and audio download. First, choose the video quality which would you like and then, click on Download MP4 Video to start download YouTube video.





    You can also download youtube video by using a software from your windows PC.

  5. DLNow Video Downloader

    DLNow is the popular software to download youtube videos. It’s very simple, easy to install and download videos from YouTube.

    Why should you use DLNOW?

    • If free to Download.
    • Easy to use.
    • You can watch videos without Advertising.
    • You can edit your download videos.
    • Different quality videos to download.
    • Make Mp3 audio from a video clip.

    How to Download YouTube videos using DLNow:

    Step 01:

    Run DLNow from your PC.



    Copy youtube video link address and paste it. Another process, just drag the video from youtube site and drop it here.


    Step 03:

    Now you see the video download process is ready. Choose the video quality which would you like and clicks the Download button.



  6. Youtube Downloader HD

    Youtube downloader HD is a good quality software to download youtube videos. Its supports decent quality videos download from youtube. You can run this various operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Why should you use Youtube downloader HD?

    • It free to download.
    • It’s very easy to use.
    • No need to use any scripts or browsers plug-in.
    • You can convert downloaded video to various formats.
    • Download YouTube High Definition and FullHD videos (available on certain videos)
    • Its supports Unicode that can save movies or videos whose names have non-standard characters (like Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Bangla, etc.)
    • Support for big video files.

    How to Download YouTube videos using  downloader HD:

    Step 01:

    Run YouTube downloader HD from a computer.

    Step 02:

    Copy YouTube video link address and paste on Video URL bar. Here you can see an option where to save your video file. Just click browse and put direction where to save file.


    Step 03:

    Select your video quality such as HD(720p) or full HD(1080p). Then click the Download button.





That is all and hope you are able to download your favorite videos from YouTube. Personally, I use and Youtube Downloader HD software. But all of above downloader are good, easy to use, choose different video resolution and perform to decent quality video download. You may find out which is suitable for you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have through the comment section. If you found this post useful, please share it Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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