How to Use Facebook Shortcut keys for Major Browsers


Facebook is the most popular online social networking site in the world. Two billion above monthly active user reach on Facebook. Many users would like to use their facebook on computers like Laptop, PC, and Mac. Using facebook from the computer is fun. It would be more if you using Facebook with the keyboard shortcut.

A Facebook user does a lot of activities on Facebook. They give status, commenting, like on photo or somethings, messaging, chatting, sharing and more. People like to use their facebook features by clicking the mouse. You can be smart to use your facebook feature by using a keyboard shortcut. Using keyboard shortcut on facebook would help to work fast and less time-consuming.

Major browser like firefox, chrome, Internet explorer that are using for Facebook browsing. Every browser is based on different modifier keys to execute the Facebook shortcut. This modifier keys are also different on different computer operating system. This chart shows different modifier keys based on different browser and operating system.


For windows
Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer
Alt Alt+Shift Alt
For Mac OS X
Chrome Firefox Safari
control+Alt/option control+Alt/option control+Alt/option

How to Use Facebook Shortcut keys for Major Browsers

The following infographic from SocialBakers, that elaborate the interesting facebook keyboard shortcut to using the major browser like Firefox, chrome and more based on Windows and Mac operating system.


Source: SocialBakers Via:


Mac OS X
Facebook Action Chrome Firefox Safari
New Message Ctrl+Alt/option+m Ctrl+Alt/option+m Ctrl+Alt/option+m
Help Center Ctrl+Alt/option+0 Ctrl+Alt/option+0 Ctrl+Alt/option+0
Home Page Ctrl+Alt/option+1 Ctrl+Alt/option+1 Ctrl+Alt/option+1
Profile Page Ctrl+Alt/option+2 Ctrl+Alt/option+2 Ctrl+Alt/option+2
Friend Request Ctrl+Alt/option+3 Ctrl+Alt/option+3 Ctrl+Alt/option+3
Messages Ctrl+Alt/option+4 Ctrl+Alt/option+4 Ctrl+Alt/option+4
Notification Center Ctrl+Alt/option+5 Ctrl+Alt/option+5 Ctrl+Alt/option+5
Account Settings Ctrl+Alt/option+6 Ctrl+Alt/option+6 Ctrl+Alt/option+6
Privacy Settings Ctrl+Alt/option+7 Ctrl+Alt/option+7 Ctrl+Alt/option+7
Official Facebook Page Ctrl+Alt/option+8 Ctrl+Alt/option+8 Ctrl+Alt/option+8
Service Agreement Ctrl+Alt/option+9 Ctrl+Alt/option+9 Ctrl+Alt/option+9
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Like/Unlike Photos L L L
Facebook Action Chrome Firefox Internet Explore
New Message Alt+m Alt+Shift+m
Help Center Alt+0 Alt+Shift+0 Alt+0then Enter
Home Page Alt+1 Alt+Shift+1 Alt+1then Enter
Profile Page Alt+2 Alt+Shift+2 Alt+3then Enter
Friend Request Alt+3 Alt+Shift+3
Messages Alt+4 Alt+Shift+4
Notification Center Alt+5 Alt+Shift+5
Account Settings Alt+6 Alt+Shift+6
Privacy Settings Alt+7 Alt+Shift+7
Official Facebook Page Alt+8 Alt+Shift+8 Alt+8then Enter
Service Agreement Alt+9 Alt+Shift+9 Alt+9then Enter
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Like/Unlike Photos L L L


Note: For Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 don’t need to press enter key.

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