How To Hide Personal Photos On Google Photos


Google photos is excellent apps to store your photos in the cloud. It gives you much storage to store your photos on your smartphone. Now it gives you 15GB cloud storage for free. It helps you to keep your smartphone photos to organized.

We like to shoot photos and videos with our smartphone and stored it on Google photos. Sometimes we take photos and videos that are only personal and don’t want to see anyone when someone scrolls your album. Due to the personal issue, we can hide our photos or videos from google photos. So, if you wish to save your photos and keep them separate then you’ll be able to follow this simple tricks and hide your personal photos.

In order to hide your personal photos, you’ll be able to use the Archive feature of Google Photos. You can use this feature on any Android, IOS devices, and PC browsers as well.

You can simply separate your personal photos and videos to send it Archive from the most album.

To use this feature, confirm that you just have Google Photos app that version at least 2.15 from your smartphone.


Hide Your Photos from Smart Phone

Step 01:

Open the google photos and select your personal photo and video. You can select multiple photos and videos. Now on the top right side, you see a menu button, click on that.


Step 02:

Once you click on that you see some option appear. Click on the Archive option.




Hide Photos from Computer Browser

In the computer, you can access google photos from any browser like chrome, firefox, edge etc.

Step 01:

Just type and hit enter to open google photos.

Step 02:


Select your personal photo or video. You can select multiple photos and videos. Click on the menu of top right corner once you select your photo or photos.

Step 03:


When you click on the menu you see some options appear. Click on the Archive.


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