How To Reset Your Windows 10 Operating System


Windows 10 have to give you a wonderful feature that allows to Reset your Windows 10 operating system. If you face any performance issues or operating system might not work well like slow, ghosting or even apps crash and more to using on windows 10, you can solve your problem easily with Reset on Windows 10.  

The features name is Reset this PC which gives you to reinstall your PC and back to new and fresh windows 10 experience.

How To Reset Your Windows 10 Operating System

Would you like to reset your windows 10 with Reset this PC option? The following steps get help you.

Step 01:

Go to Setting and click the Update and Security.


Step 02:

Once Update and Security page appear to click the Recovery option on the left panel.


Step 03:

By clicking Recovery, you see some option appear on right panel. The first option is Reset this PC which we are looking for. Now click on Get started.


Step 04:

After you click the Get started button, you will see two options. First is Keep my files and other is Remove everything.

  • Keep my files: This means PC does not remove your personal file or User data files like Document, Downloads, Pictures, Music, Videos etc. Only remove Program Files and Windows to reinstalling the PC.  
  • Remove everything: This means PC wipe everything and reinstalling from your system drive. Local disk C is the default system drive on Windows operating system. Only C-Drive will format.


Step 05:

Next, another options window appear. Select Just remove my files which will delete only your all files and folder. It is less secure and recovers your removed file. If you want to use your PC again, Just remove my files is suitable for you.

Another hand, If you would like to wipe your data completely and don’t want to recover select Remove files and clean the drive. This is suitable for you if you sell or give your PC to someone.


Step 06:

The next window shows a warning message which informs that you won’t be able to come back your previous windows version any longer. Just click Next Button to proceed.   


Step 07:

The last window appears and it wants to your permission to reset the PC. Just click the Reset button.


Now windows 10 resetting process is staring. You get a fresh clean and new Windows 10 experience soon.


That’s all and hope this will help you to reset your PC if you face any performance issues on PC or wipe data completely due to give it to someone for use.  

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