10 Reasons To Slow Down Your Wi-Fi Connection


In modern times, Wi-Fi internet has become an essential part of our daily lives. The day-to-day Internet requirements and usage demand range are increasing highly. The benefit of using Wi-Fi, we can do many things like watching the movie, play online games, browsing a website and all other internet-based work in wirelessly everywhere at home or office. We can be connected internet our PC, laptop, tab, smartphone, smart TV and other smart devices through the Wi-Fi.

10 Reasons To Slow Down Your Wi-Fi Connection

Using a Wi-Fi internet, we have faced a common issue that is slow down our internet speeds. There are several reasons to slow down your Wi-Fi internet. The following discussion about 10 reasons to slow down your wifi speeds. That can help to fix your Wi-Fi slow down issues.

1.Distance from concrete and metal things.


One of the big reasons for the decrease in WIFI Speed is concrete or any metal things. Concrete or metal objects interfere with WIFI signals more than any other things. Wi-Fi router should be placed in such a way that it is the distance from the concrete wall or floor. Also, avoid metal device to nearby the Wi-Fi router.

2. Router setup position


Many of us do not know that the speed of the Wi-Fi changes due to router’s position. You can get good Wifi speed by setting the router to the right height. If you set router in lower position you can’t receive sufficient signal. It is better to set up a router on higher position to get the better signal.

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3. Microwave can be stuck Wi-Fi speed.


Microwave frequency often stuck your Wi-Fi speed. The reason behind this, microwave frequency level is 2.4ghz which is similar to the Wi-Fi router frequency. Thus this interference, router radio signal is affected by microwave signal. To solve this problem you should use 5ghz band router like the latest 802.11n routers.

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4. Shorter Wi-Fi distance.


This is a common issue that is more distance from the router, the less the internet speed you will get. So it is important to set your router in a way that can always be close to your device. A router can deliver a signal to 360 degrees. It is better to set your router in the middle room or position at the home or office.

If you can’t manage to set up your router in the middle position. That’s why your Wi-Fi range is not fully cover your home or office. You can solve this problem by using a repeater. A repeater can connect your existing router and deliver Wi-Fi internet and extended the Wi-Fi range.

5. Router apart from heavy sound pollution area.


Sound pollution occurs many ways from vehicle horn, a heavy sound system to construction material clinger. This kind of noise pollution not only harm your body but also affect Wi-Fi internet speeds. Thus it is better to setup your router apart from heavy sound pollution area.

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6. The Bluetooth device can stick Wi-Fi speed.

Like the microwave, Bluetooth device can produce 2.4ghz frequency. This is the same level frequency that router can produce. Thus any Bluetooth device that nearby to your router can slow your Wi-Fi speeds.

7. Reset Your Router


You may often face your internet slowing down problem due to your internet modem and router troubles. Before you go to complain your internet provider, recheck your internet equipment and router with a fast reset. That is easy just power turn it off and on again. Most of the time you can fix your internet hardware like modem, router etc., the problem on that way.

8. People crowd can slow Wi-Fi speed


crowded room or area that makes your Wi-Fi signal slow down. the reason behind this, the human body contains water from 45 to 75 percent depending on age and fitness level. that’s water can stick your Wi-Fi speeds.

Moreover, humidity can slightly affect your Wi-Fi speeds too.

9. Check your channel interference.

Wi-Fi and different varieties of wireless connections typically perform poorly because of signal interference, which needs computers to continually resend messages to beat signal problems. home appliances and even your neighbors’ wireless networks will interfere along with your computers. To avoid slow net connections because of signal interference, reposition your router for higher performance and alter your Wi-Fi channel range. In general, the nearer your device is to the router, the higher the Wi-Fi connection.

10. Christmas light can slow Wi-Fi speed.


Christmas lights can also slow down your Wi-Fi internet speed. Sounds like funny, but it’s true. The science behind this reasons,  Christmas lights transmit an electromagnetic field. That is not so strong but more lights can transmit an electromagnetic wave at the same time it would be affected to slow down your Wi-Fi speed. So closer your router to the Christmas lights more chance to interfere with the Wi-Fi speed.

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