How To Install SHAREit On PC (Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7)

SHAREit-For-PC SHAREit is most popular file transferring application. It’s a free cross-platform application that lets you transfer or share files and folders between smartphones, tablets, and personal computers (PC).

SHAREit is very fast, and it can transfer any sizes of files that completed proximately 200 times faster than Bluetooth. You can share images, music, videos, documents and more very easily and quickly without any cables or USB connection.

SHAREit connects using your device’s Wi-Fi radio. For a desktop computer, you need a router to connect SHAREit to other devices. It avoids any network charges.

Why You Should Use SHAREit for PC:

  • It is a free Software.
  • You can store and share your photos and videos on PC through SHAREit.
  • You be able to share documents, music, movies to your friends and family easily.
  • You can connect any phone/device with PC.
  • No need any wire.
Now let’s see how to setup Lenovo SHAREit for PC.

Download and Setup SHAREit on Windows

First, we’ll need to download SHAREit app for windows. It supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7. Here the following link to get the download.



Step 01: Install SHAREit on PC. Click the setup file which you have downloaded. The installation window will be opened and clicks the Accept button. Then the setup process will be starting.


Step 02: After finished the setup process you can see find out the SHAREit connection page open automatically. If it is not open automatically, then open your desktop shortcut.  Here the SHAREit main window open. Now we see how to connect with other devices.


Step 03: To connect the other device Now hit the middle button then open the QR scanning page.


Step 04: Now you scan the PC SHAREit QR code to connect both devices together.


Step 05: A popup message shows that request the connection. Just click accept.

Step 06: Share files using SHAREit is very easy. It is pretty much like your phone device app. Click Picture or Files then browse what you want to transfer.


That’s it. You are done.


Hope this post helped you to setup SHARTit on your PC.

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