How to Speed Up Your Windows PC (Windows 10)


Do you want to speed up your windows 10 PC? Window 10 is the most advanced operating system nowadays. Windows 10 already prove that its performance is very fast compared to its predecessor operating system. But we need more speed up to our PC.

Moreover, day to day uses PC and install many software, apps, and games that sometimes speed down the PC performance. Some basic steps that could help and boost your PC performance regularly.

How to Speed Up Your Windows PC (Windows 10)

Here I discuss step by step How to speed up on windows 10 operating as following. It also works on windows 8, 8.1 and 7 operating system.


  1. Power option customization:

    Using an optimizing power plan that could increase your PC performance. Its use more power and deliver favors performance. Click on search panel which is located on a taskbar. Type power options and hit the enter button.


    The power options page is open. Here you can see some options to control your power plan. Now select the High-performance option.



  2. Deactivate annoying startup programs:

    Startup programs can slow your windows PC. Its take time and loading every starts up the program and make delay to ready the PC. Most of the programs are not usable and they make problem to speed up of your PC.

    Right click on the taskbar and select task manager.


    Once Task manager is open then click the startup bar. In the startup window, you see all the startup running apps.


    The Startup window shows apps name, publisher status, and startup impact.

    Now select the running program which is not really useful and then click on disable button. Select and disable the unwanted program one by one and make your PC faster.


  3. Defragment and optimization drive:

    Defragment drive is very important to give your PC well performer. It reduces the fragmentation of files or data and rearranges it in separate locations on a disk.

    On the search panel type Defragment and Optimize Drives and hit enter. The Optimize Drives window is open. You see all hard disk drive has shown. Select any one drive for example select drive C and then Click on the Optimize button. Or you can select all drive together and then click Optimize all button.


    Now you can see the optimization process is starting.


  4. Delete Temporary files:

    Temporary files can slow down your PC. Delete all temporary files can boost your PC speed up.

    First, type run on your search panel and press enter to start run window.


    Now type the %temp% on the open bar then click ok.


    Temp folder is open where all temp files are showing. Select all temp file or press Ctrl+A on the keyboard and then right click on any select files then click delete or you can press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on the keyboard.


    One message will show before deleting all temp files click the yes button. The temp files delete processing has completed.


    Second, type temp and press enter to open temp folder. One message occurs just click Continue. Then the process is same as before just select all file and folder and delete them.




  5. Clean Memory:

    Clean memory is an important part to speed up your PC. Open This PC or My Computer on your desktop. Right click on the any of hard disk drive then click Properties.


    The properties window is open. Click Disk Cleanup button to start disk cleanup calculating.



    Now disk cleanup window on your particular hard disk drive is open. Select all the check box and click the Clean up system files button.


  6. Registry jerks:

    Type Regedit on search panel then click enter to open.


    Once Regedit window opens click HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Control Panel then click Mouse on the left bar.


    On right bar double click on MouseHoverTime.


    The default mouse hover time value data is 400. Type 50 on that value data and click ok button.


  7. Changing visual effects:

    Visual effect can use more ram that could be slow your PC. So changing visual effects get the speed up your PC.

    Type System on search panel and open the system window. Click on Advance system settings on left side.


    Once system properties open click on the Settings button in the performance box.


    Now the performance options are open. Select the Adjust for best performance box then click Ok.


  8. Using optimizing software:

    You can also use third party software that allows to optimizing operating system and boosts your PC performance. Many types of optimizing software are now available.

    I am using CCleaner optimizing software. It’s free and very convenient to optimize my PC.

    Click here to Download CCleaner.






That is all. You need to restart your computer after applying above steps. And hope this will help to speed up your windows 10 PC.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have through the comment section. If you found this post useful, please share it Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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