How to Stop Facebook Auto Video Playing on Smartphone


Most of us like to watch videos from Facebook on a smartphone. Browsing Facebook app from the smartphone you see video plays automatically. Auto play video is using more Internet data without your permission. At this condition, you watching the Facebook video under Wi-Fi network or if you have a lot of cellular data that is ok, but if you have limited cellular data that could be bothering you.

How to Stop Facebook Auto Video Playing on Smartphone

Facebook auto video play is default set on the smartphone app. You can stop this and save your internet or cellular data.

Why should I Stop Facebook auto play videos:

  • I don’t want to see your videos.
  • I have limited data to watch a video.
  • Don’t like watching videos randomly.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi.
  • I don’t watch a video at office or public place.
  • Battery power saving is my priority.
  1. Stop Facebook auto video play on IOS (iPhone):

    you can easily stop Facebook auto video play on your iPhone,iPod, and iPad. The following steps shows how to do it:

    step 1:

    Open the Facebook app on your IOS device.

    Step 2:

    Tap on the burger menu at lower right side. then scroll down and tap the settings menu.



    Step 3:

    Next page tap on the Videos and Photos option.



    Step 4:

    once you enter the videos and photos option you see an auto-play option. Tap on that.



    Step 5:

    On next page you see some auto-play option appear. Just tap on the Never Autoplay Videos.


  2. Stop Facebook auto video play on Android:

    you can also stop Facebook auto video play on any Android smartphone. It’s very easy when you follow the following steps.

    Step 1:

    open the Facebook app from your Android smartphone.

    Step 2:

    Tap on the burger menu on the top right side. Then scroll down and tap on the App Settings.



    Step 3:

    On Settings page just scroll down and you found an Autoplay option. Tap on it.



    Step 4:

    On Autoplay page, some Autoplay videos optionsĀ appear to choose the Never Autoplay Videos.




That is all. Both have also another option to choose which is Wi-Fi connection only, you can choose this option to watching videos under Wi-Fi connection.

Above steps could help you to stop autoplay videos on smartphone Facebook app.

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